Fi Corner

This round bathtub of 160 cm in diameter is intended for corner installation. Its spacious and luxurious appearance can be emphasized with one of the wellness options available.

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  • 144 x 144 cm VOL: 370 ltr
Installation options
  • Panel installation
  • Cladding instalation
Height with panel
    63 cm
Length of pop-up bath waste
    50 cm
  • Bathtubs are delivered without pop-up bath waste (to be ordered separately).
10 godina garancije akrilni proizvodi BestBuy award 2022/2023 - Najbolji omjer cijene i kvalitete


What material are bathtubs made of?

Aquaestil bathtubs are manufactured from 100% cast sanitary acrylic, ensuring durability and providing an exceptionally pleasant touch, ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as the possibility of repairing the surface in case of eventual damage.

Exceptional in this regard are Aquaestil premium line Titan bathtubs, made from Astone solid surface composite material or cast marble. Astone composite bathtubs present a surface with a gentle silky texture in a matte finish, whereas cast marble bathtubs boast a flawlessly smooth surface with a glossy effect.

Can bathtubs be repaired in the event of surface damage?

Any potential surface damage on Aquaestil cast acrylic bathtubs is not a concern. The original surface condition of the bathtub can be restored through sanding and polishing the surface.

We advise entrusting the repair of any damages to an authorized Aquaestil service representative or a qualified professional.

Is it possible to retrofit a massage system onto a previously installed bathtub?

Retrofitting a massage system is not possible, as the necessary preparations for the massage system must be made during the manufacturing phase of the bathtub.

Where are Aquaestil products manufactured?

We take great pride in the fact that our entire production, design and development facilities, management, and other company divisions are entirely based in Europe. This ensures our customers not only impeccable product quality, but also swift delivery times and professional service support for all our products. At the heart of the company’s successful operations undoubtedly lie our employees as the main force and driving factor.

Thanks to the continuous sales growth across EU countries and globally, we consistently invest in implementing the latest technologies, facilitating ongoing employee education, and expanding production capacities.

Where to view and purchase Aquaestil products?

Aquaestil products can be viewed at authorized retail representatives or in the Aquaestil showroom. Official inquiries, orders and purchases can be made through any authorized retail representatives. Retail representatives are knowledgeable of all the features of Aquaestil products and will provide you with all the information you need.

Why are there no prices displayed on the website?

As a manufacturer, Aquaestil does not have its own retail outlets – instead, sales are conducted through a network of authorized retail representatives. Aquaestil retail representatives will gladly provide you with product prices and other information related to purchasing, payment, and delivery.

Is there service support available for Aquaestil products?

Aquaestil provides service support and original parts for all its products through its own service as well as a network of authorized service providers.

How to file a product complaint?

If your product is covered by a warranty, you can file a claim with the sales representative from whom you purchased the product.

If the product is no longer covered by a warranty, you can report the problem to an authorized service provider designated for your area, or by e-mailing

Aquaestil bathtubs and shower trays are made of 100% sanitary cast acrylic which has numerous advantages over other sanitary materials such as ABS and polyester.  Its homogenous structure allows surface smoothness and shine to be restored to its original condition even after minor mechanical damages.

 Unlike bathtubs made from ABS or polyester, with sanitary cast acrylic there are no restrictions regarding refurbishment of the surface layer because all properties of the material within its structure remain unaltered. Bathtubs made of sanitary cast acrylic are characterized by optimum thermal and acoustic insulation and smooth shiny surfaces which are very easy to maintain. For daily cleaning, use a fabric or sponge and smooth liquid detergent. Avoid using abrasive mediums that contain particles in order to prevent the surface from damaging and losing its shine. To remove lime scale without damaging the bathtub, use a sponge soaked in vinegar or vinegar based products. After cleaning, wipe with a dry fabric.

 If original shine is lost, use a polishing paste and polish it until the initial look is restored. Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the product in optimum conditions. AQUA CLEAN acrylic + glass guarantees you maximum glossiness and cleanness. If the bathtub has suffered minor damage such as scratches, they can be repaired with sandpaper of granulation 240-800 and a polishing paste. If damage cannot be repaired, contact our customer service department that will suggest you alternative methods for solving the problem.

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