Production and
Environmental Protection

Aquaestil plus d.o.o. creates only high-quality products ensuring customer satisfaction and improving the quality of life, striving to make the brand a synonym for quality and modern bathroom solutions, while making environmental protection its absolute priority.

Our Quality and Environmental Protection Policy makes achieving customer satisfaction a top priority for all our employees and the basic measure of our performance.

Products must be of the highest quality and meet our buyers' demands, needs and expectations, delivered on time and manufactured through environmentally-sound processes. Therefore, we continuously improve our product manufacturing by minimizing costs, ensuring the reliability and stability of manufacturing processes, improving working conditions and protecting the environment.

Aquaestil - Proizvodnja i zaštita okoliša
Aquaestil - Proizvodnja i zaštita okoliša

We are actively monitoring global trends and building trusted business relationships with buyers and suppliers.

Our company is focused on working with environmentally sustainable equipment and technologies and we are fostering partnership relationships with our customers and partners to ensure continuous improvement, prevent environmental pollution and to optimize our use of resources.

Our responsible use of resources is seen in our manufacturing processes, as well as product and operational planning.

We are especially working on improving corporate horizontal and vertical communication that has to be clear and timely, as well as on employee access to accurate information in order to make the manufacturing processes more efficient and ensure high product quality.

We have set clear roles and responsibilities in manufacturing and sales, and we are engaging and incentivizing employees to continuously work on achieving the overall growth and strategic objectives of our business.

Our employees are provided continuous education and professional development according to our system requirements and implemented processes and we are dedicated to raising ecological awareness and providing a safe work environment.

Aquaestil - Proizvodnja i zaštita okoliša

All our employees and executives operate in compliance with QMS and EMS based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and we are consistent in ensuring their implementation in the workplace in accordance with applicable legislation and other requirements.

Aquaestil is committed to the rational use of energy and raw materials, proper waste management practices and continuous reducing of environmental impact by sustainable manufacturing and product use.

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